Cate MacKrell

Established in 2002, my boutique agency is based in The Woodlands, Texas, although my virtual shingle has allowed me to establish clients from coast to coast.

With an affinity for helping shape and promote emerging brands, and causes, I offer a fresh approach where vision, creative collaboration and smart-budget strategies rule the day.

My aim is to help solopreneurs, and small-medium sized businesses develop their business identity and marketing strategy.  I partner to diagnose critical needs, outline marketing objectives, and analyze the motivating interests of target audiences; the foundation of my long-term success.

For larger projects, I collaborate with 10+ Interactive, quite literally a brother company, with clients whose needs entail a more complex scope.

Bespoke Buzz is Integrated Marketing Communications "made-to-order."  I harness the use of multi-media to achieve message consistency, establish brand recognition, maximize audience engagement, and increase market share!