Working together with my clients, I determine and prioritize critical needs having to do with branding, print and digital marketing strategies, engaging target audiences, or simply designing a turn-key website with appropriate social media presence. Any or all of these services are included within the integrated marketing communications scope. 


Advertising includes everything from the determination of the best distribution channels, to the right vehicles for those channels, as well as the graphic design and copy-writing capabilities to ensure strategic messaging is effective.


Communication services include copy-writing, copy-editing, and proof-reading capabilities.  Developing the 'voice' of the business is an extension of its identity. 


Developing a Business Identity is crucial to success. Not only can it convey a business's personality but it can be instrumental in defining the very nature of the business.  Strong identities set business' apart.


Sales Promotion services include a more focused, and analytical approach.  Honing in on specific business objectives, and determining target audiences for those objectives are critical steps to develop strategies that move people to action.


Public Relations services include the development of media kit assets, press releases, and the determination of appropriate distribution channels to ensure critical business news is being seen and heard by the ideal outlets.